British Steel

A Unique Place in British Maritime History






Chay Blyth's Impossible Voyage

In 1970, Chay Blyth sailed the yacht "British Steel" single-handedly around the world, against the prevailing winds and currents. British Steel made the voyage that the establishment said could not be done, let alone single handed, in 292 days. Described by The Times  as "The most outstanding passage ever made by one man alone" (the headlines ran "Boat of Steel - Man of Iron"), this incredible feat of seamanship has inspired two generations of ocean voyagers and adventurers, and formed the basis of the 1992 British Steel Challenge, and the subsequent BT Global Challenges.

Now owned by a consortium of enthusiasts, British Steel is currently moored in Dartmouth Harbour while she undergoes a comprehensive restoration project. The aim is to help preserve and promote this important piece of maritime history by making her available to charter by yachting enthusiasts, for fun and adventure sailing holidays.

This website (currently under construction) aims to keep track of this exciting project with regular progress reports, and to provide a forum for interested parties to interact with the owners of this historic yacht.